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We started business in 1990 as a sales and marketing company distributing polystyrene of Supreme Petrochemicals in Tamil Nadu, and were then known as Sagar Agencies (Madras) Pvt Ltd,. Over the years the complexities of our business and the principals we represent have grown. The markets and the footprint we cover have increased; however we still retain our core strengths in sales and marketing, now complemented with technical services. In 2004 we changed our name to Synergistix (India), to align with our current business focus. We are a Specialty Chemicals company!

Our other division, Export Services, acts as  "Buying House" for global retail chains located in over 10 countries. We specialise in Stainless Steel retail goods and Textile Made-ups. With our all India network of inspectors and over a decade of experience in this field, we offer a comprehensive range of end-to-end services to our overseas buyers.

About Us - At a Glance
Our History

Synergistix was founded in 1990 by one of Chennai's leading technocrats with over 25 years of experience in setting up and running a clutch of automobile ancillary companies known as "The Prewo Alliance” comprising - Prewo Private Limited, Vispro-Foundry Engineers Private Limited and Cashma Engineers Private Limited, each with an enviable reputation for producing quality products.

The Prewo Alliance was a sole supplier to global automotive companies such as British Leyland, Perkins, Ford Motors, Daimler Benz, Caterpillar, Telco, Escorts Tractors and so on.

The Four Pillars of strength which made "Prewo Alliance" a world class supplier, continues to be the guiding principles of Synergistix, some three decades later:

  • 1. Quality in Products and Services
  • 2. Professionalism in Management
  • 3. Prudence in Financial matters
  • 4. Excellence in Human resources
Quality Management System

We have a Quality Management System (QMS) in place to enhance customer satisfaction‚ achieve consistency of our deliverables and improve our internal processes. Certified by DNV in the year 2001, we maintained it till Aug 2010‚ when we decided to voluntarily relinquish the certification. However our QMS continues to be in place and we ensure that we serve the customers with as much care as before!


Synergistix is headed by professionals with over 20+ years of experience each in Textiles, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas, Process chemicals and other Core sector industries. All business activities are managed by highly specialized business segment heads catering to specific industry sectors.